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“The level of professional competence and awareness shown, informed by traditional medicine and psychological training, leaves me with full confidence in the program offered by Psychedelic Passage.”

Costumer's Rating
Overall, I am glad I came to Psychedelic Dreamscapeand trusted them to pair me with my facilitator. She is an extremely competent guide and I can’t recommend her enough.
Emma Odinson
I was very worried about doing psilocybin. After doing other psychotherapies and reading the recent research, I was interested in trying it as a next step in my therapeutic work for treating social and general anxiety. I don’t like doing any type of drugs and the idea of a psychedelic scared me. Since the beginning of working with my facilitator, I felt reassured and they were always there to quickly answer my questions. They patiently talked things through with me and took everything very seriously.
Dian Annakin
Thirty years of medical practice and I couldn’t find a conventional way to get to psilocybin. With repeated and persistent efforts to access a clinical trial, psilocybin to help with a terminal cancer diagnosis, I was frustrated. Seven years of living with metastatic cancer can be incapacitating. It was for me. I was hopeless, stuck. A therapist mentioned Psychedelic Dreamscape and I contacted them. They connected me to a professional guide who facilitated a life-changing trip that is beyond description. Seeking the return of creativity, hoping for a measure of forgiveness for those who had consistently harmed me, my intentions were simple. My trip was anything but that. I was given the most fantastical and difficult journey. Because of it, I am no longer merely existing. I feel alive again.
Kyle Smith
Honestly the fact that something like Psychedelic Dreamscape exists in the first place is surreal. The ability to experience life-changing therapy with guidance from people who have committed their lives to the work, and will come to you?! Crazy. Tack on the cherry which was our facilitator, and it’s truly one of the best things my wife and I have ever done
Jean D. Johnson
I’m so grateful to have found Psychedelic Passage when I looked to act upon my curiosity towards the intentional use of plant medicines. Embarking on this journey can initially feel lonely and overwhelming–I’m so thankful that I had my facilitator to guide me in my psilocybin experience. They helped me feel completely safe and supported in preparation for, during, and following my ceremony. I would have honestly felt lost regarding my experience without my facilitator’s guidance and their thoughtful and wise approach to integrating the lessons from my ceremony into my daily life. The members of the Psychedelic Passage team are true professionals, but more importantly they do this work as a personal calling to help others. I highly recommend Psychedelic Passage for anyone looking to explore the intentional use of plant medicines.
Aria Walker
I came to Psychedelic Dreamsacpe hoping to heal myself of a lot of things like addictions, depression, anxiety, etc. and came out of this experience not “cured” but with new perspectives that have changed the direction of my life for the better. I chose my guide because she was closest to me but now I believe it was a spiritual connection that brought us together. She was very patient with me as I took a few months to finally commit to doing the ceremony. We had many conversations about the process and at no point did I feel like she was trying to sell me anything. She genuinely was there to help me.
Thomas Doe
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Joan Elizabeth

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