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Psilocybin Microdose Gummy


Psilocybin Microdose Gummies:
Dosing Information for Psilocybin Microdose Gummies:
This package boasts 30 microdose gummies.
Each gummy holds a calibrated 250mg of psilocybin.
Guided Use:
* Beginner: Begin your exploration with a single gummy to gauge your sensitivity.
* Regular Users: Consume one full gummy for the intended 250mg microdose experience. Adapt based on personal comfort and past experiences.
* Caution: Exercise restraint from taking multiple gummies without a clear understanding of your individual tolerance. Patience is key; effects might surface within 20-30 minutes and persist for several hours.
Safety is paramount. Always partake in a trustworthy setting. If treading unfamiliar grounds or seeking advice on psilocybin, turn to seasoned enthusiasts or healthcare professionals. Combining with other substances, like alcohol, might shift the experience. Proceed with prudence.

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Ingredients: Sugar, gelatin, adipic acid, sodium citrate, fumaric acid, artificial flavor, psilocybin extract (contains small levels of alcohol)

Psilocybin Microdose Gummies:
Harness the magic of mushrooms without the bulk. Our advanced extraction methods have led to the creation of delectable gummies infused solely with pure psilocybin essence, leaving behind the organic mushroom matter. Revel in the fusion of this essence with our top-tier gummy formulation, promising an enjoyable and simple consumption experience.
Product Offerings:
* Low Dose: Each gummy delivers a precise 250mg of psilocybin.
* Pack Insight: Each pouch houses 30 gummies, ideal for a three-month supply following the “on-off-off” regimen (consume one gummy every third day).

At 920 Extracts, we’ve dedicated years to mastering the process of efficiently extracting psilocybin from mushrooms. We then transform this extracted essence into a delightful liquid, which is subsequently used to craft our delicious psilocybin-infused gummies!
These aren’t your typical gummies; they are specially designed to offer the benefits of psilocybin without the organic mushroom matter. In essence, you get the essence of the mushroom without the mushroom itself!
Merging our superior extraction method with our top-notch gummy recipe results in a delectable, user-friendly product. Here are some perks of indulging in our gummies compared to consuming traditional mushrooms:
* Consistent Dosage: One gummy equates to one gram of cubensis mushrooms.
* Digestive Comfort: Say goodbye to ‘gut rot’ with these easy-to-digest treats.
* Reduced Physical Discomfort: No more muscle soreness or cramps.
* Palate Pleasing: Enjoy a tastier alternative to consuming raw mushrooms.
* Quick Onset: Feel the effects within a swift 30-45 minutes.
* Gentle Descent: Experience a smoother return, free from queasiness or lingering aftereffects.
* Shorter Duration: The effects are concise, giving you more control over your experience.

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