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Oolong + Orange Blossom (Iced Tea)


Introducing our Unique Twist on Iced Tea
This invigorating drink strikes the perfect balance between sweet and unsweetened, inspiring strength, personal growth, and self-control. With bright citrus notes, floral oolong tea, and a hint of vanilla, this refreshing blend will elevate your senses and empower your journey.
Savor the natural benefits of kava in Oolong Orange Psychedelic Water, offering a mindful alternative to alcohol. With its calming and mood-enhancing properties, kava brings a unique experience of relaxation and clarity without the downsides of traditional beverages. Enjoy your social gatherings or quiet moments of reflection with the added confidence that comes from a healthier, more balanced choice. Embrace the transformative power of Psychedelic Water and elevate your lifestyle with our invigorating twist on iced tea. 🍊🍵🌿✨

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