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Kind Stranger – Daydream 125mg


Buy Kind Stranger – Daydream 125mg Mushroom at Psychedelic Dreamscape

Welcome to Psychedelic Dreamscape, your ultimate destination for mind-expanding journeys and inner exploration. We take pride in offering the best in class psychedelic products, including Kind Stranger – Daydream 125mg Mushroom capsules.At Psychedelic Dreamscape, we understand the importance of enhancing consciousness and exploring new horizons. Our selection includes products like Kind Stranger – Daydream 125mg Mushroom capsules, known for their potent effects in elevating consciousness and inner exploration.

Our Daydream 125mg capsules are a clinical strength blend of Psilocybe Cubensis, Golden Teacher, and adaptogenic herbs. This powerful combination is designed to provide insights, enhance creativity, and alleviate anxiety, all while ensuring a safe and regulated experience.

Why choose Kind Stranger – Daydream 125mg Mushroom capsules from Psychedelic Dreamscape?

  • High-quality ingredients sourced sustainably
  • Vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO
  • Traceable & unadulterated

Our commitment to your well-being goes beyond product quality. We provide a comprehensive dosage guide for Kind Stranger – Daydream 125mg Mushroom capsules, ensuring that you can use them effectively for the best results.

But that’s not all; we also offer a wide range of resources to enhance your psychedelic journey. Explore our Psychedelic Dreamscape store locator to find the nearest store for a convenient purchase experience.

Still, have questions about Kind Stranger – Daydream 125mg Mushroom or psychedelics in general? Check out our FAQs section for answers to common queries.

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additional information


Psilocybe Cubensis – 125mg
Organic Ashwagandha – 150mg
L-Theanine – 150mg

Sustainably Sourced

100% Traceable & Unadulterated

We never use endocrine disruptors or flow agents that negatively affect the microbiome or inhibit absorption.

No Fillers, No Fluff

Inside Daydream


Clinically shown to help regulate cortisol, reduce stress-related weight gain, help enhance focus and mental stamina, and reduce irritability.*

WHERE IT’S FROM Organic and hand-harvested from small farms in India.


A relaxing amino acid found almost exclusively in teas from Camellia sinensis and known to promote relaxation as well as reducing stress at sufficient dosages. *

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